Quality Policy
Distribution Network
Bulent Çıraklı has a fleet of vehicles that can reach all corners of Northern Cyprus. Its customers are always served with impeccable timing by its distribution network. Professional sales and distribution teams of the company as well as customer-satisfaction oriented service policy is part of the reasons for preference.
Bülent Çıraklı has significant contribution to the national economy, the quality policy is listed as;

  • Being aware of the responsibilities towards society and the environment and also to assimilate sustainable growth as a way of life,
  • Meeting customer needs and expectation error-free for the first time,

Adress: Organized Industrial Zone 2nd Street No:48 Lefkoşa / KKTC
Tel: +90 392 225 3029   Fax: +90 392 225 2210
Human Resources
Bülent Çıraklı sets a massive record on their production levels with highly qualified manpower.

The tools used by the Human Resources department are listed as;

  • Career Planning
  • Training
  • Remuneration
  • Performance Evaluation